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Vive la France (2013)

Comedy • 94 minutes  5.8/10
Starring: Michaël Youn José Garcia Isabelle Funaro Ary Abittan Jérôme Commandeur Vincent Moscato Guilaine Londez Franck Gastambide and others.
Released • February 19, 2013

Muzafar and Feruz are two easy going shepherds from Taboulistan, a tiny country in Asia that is unknown to the rest of the world. To alert the world to his country’s existence, the son of Taboulistan’s president decides to instigate a program of publicity terrorism. To that end, he recruits our two naive shepherds, their mission: to destroy the Eiffel Tower! But the France that Muzafar and Feruz discovers is far from what they had expected...

A.K.A. DE: Vive la France - Gesprengt wird später  FR: Vive la France - Michaël Yun  HR: Živjela Francuska!  PT: Viva a França!  RU: Да здравствует Франция!