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Uno bianca (2001)

Action / Crime / Thriller • 190 minutes  7.6/10
Starring: Kim Rossi Stuart Dino Abbrescia Valeria Milillo Dario D'Ambrosi Bruno Armando Giorgio Crisafi Massimo De Rossi Claudio Botosso and others.
Director: Michele Soavi
Released • February 5, 2001

Rimini, 1991. For more than a year, the uno bianca gang - they always use a white Fiat Uno - has plagued the area. Their crimes are violent, sometimes killing carabineri, and there's no particular pattern: a bank one day, a petrol station the next, extortion of a small business the next. Are they terrorists? A foreign gang? Tied to the Mafia? After a particularly bloody shootout, two detectives are assigned to start fresh: they go through the notebooks of previous investigators and they interview a few witnesses again. They find a pattern in the crimes and predict the next…