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Under the Rainbow (2013)

Comedy / Drama / Romance • 112 minutes  5.9/10
Starring: Agnès Jaoui Jean-Pierre Bacri Agathe Bonitzer Arthur Dupont Valérie Crouzet Dominique Valadié Benjamin Biolay Laurent Poitrenaux and others.
Director: Agnès Jaoui Screenplay: Agnès Jaoui Jean-Pierre Bacri Director of Photography: Lubomir Bakchev Editor: Fabrice Rouaud Original Music Composer: Fernando Fiszbein
Released • March 5, 2013

Laura is still waiting for Prince Charming at the age of 24. So when Sandro appears at a party, exactly like her Prince would in her dreams, she thinks she's found the right one. But then again, when she meets Maxime, Laura starts to wonder if some Princes could be more charming than others? Of course Sandro has problems of his own : his father, Pierre, just bumped into Madam Irma at his father's funeral and this reminded him of the date of his own death which Madame Irma had predicted ages ago. Now Pierre is unable to make any plans, not with his new partner Eleonore, nor…

A.K.A. DE: Unter dem Regenbogen  ES: Un cuento francés  FR: Au bout du conte  IT: Quando meno te lo aspetti  PT: Além do Arco-íris  RU: Au bout du conte