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Just Like Brothers (2012)

Comedy • 104 minutes  6.5/10
Starring: Pierre Niney Nicolas Duvauchelle François-Xavier Demaison Mélanie Thierry Florence Thomassin Cécile Cassel Micheline Presle Philippe Laudenbach and others.
Released • November 21, 2012

Since Charlie is no longer there, the lives of Boris, Elie, and Maxime have been torn apart. These three men, who have nothing in common, all shared one thing: their love for Charlie. One loved her like a sister, one loved her like the woman of his dreams, one loved her like a friend. Except that Charlie is dead and none of them - not Boris, an accomplished businessman, not Elie, a night owl scriptwriter, and not Maxime, still living at home with his mother - know how to deal with it. But because she asked them to do so, they abruptly decide to undertake a journey together, heading for…

A.K.A. DE: Comme des frères  ES: Comme des frères  FR: Comme des frères  PT: Comme des frères  RU: Comme des frères