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Grave Encounters 2 (2012)

Fear Is Just a Word. Reality Is Much Worse.
Horror • 95 minutes  5.1/10
Starring: Reese Alexander Stephanie Bennett Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman Richard Harmon Howie Lai Leanne Lapp Meeshelle Neal Dylan Playfair and others.
Director: John Poliquin Writer: Colin Minihan Stuart Ortiz Director of Photography: Tony Mirza Producer: Martin Fisher Shawn Angelski Music: Quynne Alana Paxa
Released • October 12, 2012

A film student who is obsessed with the movie Grave Encounters sets out with his friends to visit the psychiatric hospital depicted in the original film.

A.K.A. AR: Fenómenos Paranormales 2  ES: Encuentros paranormales 2  MX: Fenomeno Siniestro 2  PT: Fenômenos Paranormais 2  RU: Искатели могил 2  SV: Fenómeno Siniestro 2