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God Loves Caviar (2012)

Can anyone ever truly be free?
Adventure / History • 101 minutes  6/10
Starring: Sebastian Koch Evgeniy Stychkin Juan Diego Botto Olga Sutulova John Cleese Catherine Deneuve Alexandra Sakelaropoulou Lakis Lazopoulos and others.
Released • October 11, 2012

The true-life, stranger-than-fiction tale of eighteenth-century Greek pirate turned merchant Ioannis Varvakis, who rose from humble beginnings to become the head of one of the largest mercantile empires in Europe.

A.K.A. DE: Der Pirat - Legende - Held - Kaviar-König  ES: Ο Θεός Αγαπάει το Χαβιάρι  FR: Ο Θεός Αγαπάει το Χαβιάρι  GR: O Theos agapaei to haviari  PT: Ο Θεός Αγαπάει το Χαβιάρι  RU: Пираты Эгейского моря  US: The Pirate