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500 MPH Storm (2013)

Action / Science Fiction • 86 minutes  2.2/10
Starring: Casper Van Dien Sarah Lieving Michael Beach Bryan Head Keith Meriweather Dale O´Malley James Lawrence Sicard Alex Knight and others.
Director: Daniel Lusko Writer: Hank Woon Jr Kuang Lee Director of Photography: Richard J. Vialet Producer: David Michael Latt Editor: Rob Pallatina Music: Chris Ridenhour
Released • February 28, 2013

When an energy experiment goes haywire, a rash of massive hurricanes rips across North America. A scientist must get his family to safety before the hurricanes merge, creating a "hypercane" with the power to wipe America off the map.

A.K.A. AU: Hypercane  CZ: Hurikán smrti  DE: Hypercane - Der 800 km/h Mega-Sturm  FR: Avis de tempête  PT: Tempestades em Série  RU: Шторм на 500 миль в час